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LDAP GUI for Academic Institutes

January 15, 2011

Selected amongst top 15 Open Source Ideas in India.

Tool Freely Available at :

The version at git, is still under review process. Here’s the link for the one at SourceForge:

Report + User Manual :  LDAP_Report.pdf [File Size: 812KB , No. of Pages: 27]

Developed By : Ashwin Tumma and Swapnil Kulkarni

Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology

College of Engineering, Pune


License:   GPLv2

Platform: Linux (Ubuntu/Debian), OpenLDAP, Berkeley DB, JSP.


LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an application protocol for querying and modifying data of directory services implemented in Internet Protocol(IP) networks. It is a network authentication system. We have worked on it, right from Server Installation to Client Configuration and setup. The whole process is a bit tedious and since it is a complete command line tool, it is sometimes difficult for novice users to understand it. This tool is an attempt of creating a GUI application for the same, in which novice
users/administrators can also use it and learn from it. The GUI application inturn invokes shell scripts and configure the server of the users. It is an Open-Source tool with GPLv2.
We know, that there are GUI’s existing in the market for the same purpose but there isn’t a GUI for academic institutions and that too which understands the format of the Indian Engineering Colleges’ System. Once, this tool is released, it will cater to many academic institutes in India, and will help to promote use of Linux and Free and Open Source terminologies in depth.


We take this as an opportunity to express our deep sense of gratitude to the worldwide FOSS community and LaTeX for making us  available such great Open-Source technologies.We shall always remain indebted to Prof. Abhijit A. M., for everything that he has taught us. Right from teaching us what Free and Open Source World is to guiding and motivating us in LDAP Administration in College of Engineering, Pune. We also thank the Head of Department, other faculty members and all other people in Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, College of Engineering, Pune for their support and the faith that they have shown in us. We are grateful to everyone who are directly or indirectly involved in LDAP Administration in our college.

We are thankful to for hosting our work, and providing us a platform to contribute our bit to the world of Free and Open Source Software.


Extreme Programming Evolution and new Proposals of Update with their Implications in Research and Education

January 14, 2011

Co-authors: Nikhil Sharma, Harshada Kshirsagar

Paper under review process in XP 2011 – International Conference on Agile Software Development

Here’s the abstract : Abstract.pdf [File Size: 19KB, No. of Pages: 1]

Data Mining for Internal Security

December 21, 2010

Proposed Paper in Cybermedia Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, India.

Authors: Ashwin Tumma, Akshay Nikam, Saumil Hukerikar, Vahida Attar

File :   DATA_MINING_FOR_INTERNAL_SECURITY_COEP – Copy [No. of Pages: 17, File Size: 326 KB]