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My Experiences with Web Services

April 5, 2011

Following is the PDF file explains the procedure to deploy Web Services using Apache Tomcat 6.0.29
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Oracle Error XXXX: Unique Constraint Violated

December 22, 2009

The other day, I was just thinking that which are the names and surnames that are most prominent in the list of my acquaintances. Running a ‘select’ clause on the table, the query returned me the following results:

Name : Pallavi :- There are more than 23 “Pallavi”‘s who are my friends. (Starting with my cousin). [And I guess mostly people in and around Pune/Maharashtra will have more or less the same result. Isn’t it ?]

Surname : Kulkarni :- People with this surname have always been kind and nice to me. Right from my Kulkarni professors to Kulkarni  best friends, they all have been so nice to me. Thank you all the Kulkarni’s.


June 22, 2009

Recently was organizing my cupboard and found two articles that I have been preserving from 10th grade. I really don’t know why I preserve these, but I guess its because they were given as an assignment by our best English teacher and the topics of the articles were weird & rarely we used to write articles on them.
Here they are :


Problem Statement : Your friend has lost his father. Write a letter of condolence to him.

(3 lines)
Date :

Dear XYZ,
It was a real sorrow when the news of your dear father’s sad and untimely demise fell on my ears this morning. What a cruel blow!
The fall of the pillar of your family has profoundly stumped me. I didn’t discover, in his sight, last Monday, that his end was so near. After all, all good things come to an end. Your father had intense faith in the almighty and this act if the almighty is very hard to be appreciated. It is difficult to accept the fact that he is no more with us. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy is with you in your loss. But the loss is irrepairable and you must accept that ‘which cannot be cured must be endured’. I feel it as a personal loss to me, for the happy go lucky person was generous to me. Whenever I used to seek his advice he would invariably assist me. His death must have been a terrible grief to your mother. Now she must be a mere puppet in the hands of destiny. Please assure her my condolence. But now, it is your responsibility to give succor to your family being the only male member.
I don’t have the heart to write more. I know that words are poor comforters. After all, ‘the heart knoweth its own sorrow’ and in such genres of sorrow we are always alone. But conquering our bouts of depression is the only way to give peace to his soul. Let his soul rest in heaven.
In pain with you.

Your’s truly,

Article 2 : ESSAY WRITING ( 8 marks essay)

Topic – English : In the 21st Century

The common bond under which the whole world is bonded together, on linguistic basis is undoubtedly  the ‘English’ language. The origin of the language is dated back to the 5th century. And after a period of almost  16 centuries, this vibrant language has acquired a very popular stature throughout the globe.
The vocabulary of the language (aah! we could hardly imagine that we could ever personify the English language) then was only of 1600 words and the present world has 8 lakh and 23 thousand words in its Thesaurus. The personality acknowledged as the greatest dramatist of all time, William Shakesspeare, had only 1600 words for the construction of his talent. The great poets like John Milton, William Wordsworth and Alexander Dumas have given their immortal contributions in this worldly language.
Today, in the 21st century, over 300 million people speak English and statistical figures say that 100 million people have it as their official language. Also, the state of Nagaland in India recognizes English as its official language.
After its  origin, initially the language was only spoken in European and American countries. But later, scripts were developed and were transmitted to various parts in writing. It is the only language in the world having two scripts – the CAPITAL and the small.
Computers dominate this century. Computers all over the world almost have only English scripts and  its dialects. Transfusion of thoughts and ideas of the people of different countries takes place only through English. The world trade is also dominated by English. Thus the language is spreading its wide arms and its influence in all facets of all walks of life.

Some of my articles

August 19, 2008

GPP Magazine 2008 : Industrial Psychology Article :

This is an article that was supposed to be a feedback for the Course that we had undergone in the college. Our Professor had asked me to write it down, so that people understand that what actually is Industrial Psychology and also the major motive of it was to promote this course, so that students elect it as the second Non-Credit Course as Industrial Psychology, with Economics and Humanities in its race. And moreover, this article reflects what I had personally felt about the course, it was truly a Personal Opinion !

Here follows the Article :

Industrial Psychology : Transcending the Philosophy of a Non-Credit Course

Out of all the ‘non-credit’ courses conducted in our institute Industrial Psychology is really one of the vivid and lively course. It was just a course of 12 days but will surely be in our memories for lifetime. We all (I and my batchmates) were blessed by a very dynamic and kind person as our professor of psychology – Dr. A. G. Kulkarni. All my attempts to find appropriate adjectives for him will prove futile if I were to describe him in just words.

On the very first day of the course we were acquainted by the ‘pro-active’ nature and nature of the class. Sir’s way to handle students was really very different. He always had an attitude of understanding student’s psychology and treating them respectively. Indeed it was a student – oriented approach. We students were given full liberty, throughout. The class would always be humourous and interactive. We were given an opportunity to come forward and disclose our talents. Sir always told us that one should never decline opputunities by bringing any imaginary reason or an adhoc excuse for its exsape. Rather, he tought us that small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. According to me, the most important fact that I learnt there was in regard to anger. We were taught that one should always control one’s anger and express them at the right time and at the right place only ! We were given incentives of gifts and prizes to achieve consistency in our performances. Every new topic was explained by a simple demonstration in front of us, that made it intact in our brains the lectures were also accompanied by audio interactivity.
Really before joining the course our minds were in a medley of fustrations, tensions and confusions, But those 12 days taught us to utilize our mental faculty to the hilt, just compartmentalize our daily chores and mitigate our predicaments. Had not we trodden this path, we wouldnt have learn’t how to overcome the numerous encumbrances and lots of depressions in our life (atleast mentally !).
Today, its months that we have bid farewell to that class, but still we are in touch with our sir and vice versa. He was successful in incalculating the fact that you should always collect and respect more and more people, this is the real wealth,pride and honour that you can ever achieve, I sincerely believe that the above thought is worth for a lifetime, and I thank sir for it and also for dispelling most of the confusions in mind of an unobrtrusive student like me ! I think he is a -perfect sculptor.
Undoubtedly, Industrial Psychology is definitely a platform that teaches the students to shun the thought of incapbility and then channelize their stagnant and slumbering energies with full zest to achieve their goals. It also teaches that it isn’t just physical ability and average intelligence that makes a person successful but its an insatiable appetite for success and an unflagging will power that renders you place an the golden crown !

Ashwin Tumma
Third Year Diploma in Computer Engg.