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Understanding Nostalgia; PUNE – HYD – PUNE

August 9, 2011

This was the first time that I was staying away from my home for such a long time. For the mere purpose of garnishing my above quote, I would say that that was the first time that I would have been away from the city in which I was born and brought up. Indeed, Pune is a darling place for me. A town which has taught me everything, right from toddling to giving the confidence of hanging out without fear in any metro. For this lame reason or so, I was not at all nervous that I will be staying in a completely new city (?) Oops, I guess, I shall not term HYD as completely new coz, it being my native place. My ancestors had migrated to MH almost a century ago; so by the virtue of the fact that HYD blood still runs in my veins, I can’t term HYD as a completely new city to me.

An interesting stat popped up the day before I was gonna join Oracle. My dad said, ‘look the city has brought us back; our ancestors had also started earning their bread and butter from the same city, and now, after years together, you will also start to earn your living from the same city’. An interesting calc and observation, but the Punekar in me, shoved me back from imbibing this fact. Then, I had just regarded it as a co-incidence; obviously this might be coz of the ‘puneri’ in me; but I didn’t know what this city had kept in its secret treasure, that has now made me fall in love with it!

Day one at Oracle was challenging; with all the IITians and NITians around, kept me on the edge of my chair. Lateral hires were adding to my anxiety. Their experienced and professional talks made me a bit worried, that will I be able to sustain professionalism. But, in due course of time, I did start feeling comfortable and resting in my chair. Not to mention, my bolster in
this circumstance was an inner voice that kept on screaming, ‘Aawaj konacha….’ 🙂 With a two day induction programme, my corporate life had got a kick-start. Suddenly in a matter of few days, responsibilities start putting their heads on your shoulders. The corporate world always keeps you reminding that you are out of college now. But, nonetheless, it also has many similarities. Thanks to the Campus to Corporate programme! Many of our hidden talents were showcased during the same. After those invigorating HR sessions, technical sessions were the ones that fell in line. They were very informative and flawlessly designed. And in this way continued a series of weeks with sessions on the weekdays and hangouts on weekends. Friday excitements and Monday blues are somethings that have become so very well imbibed in me now 🙂

Today, I am running out of words to express my joys and sorrows for Hyderabad; truly ineffable! Now, I feel homesick, not for Pune, but for HYD. The city that has shown me so many different aspects and facets of life, the city that has introduced me to some great friends, the city that has given me the first-timers. First-timers, then it might be corporate talks to hanging out with friends, from bowling in malls to go-carting and playing in the snow and from daily morning rushes to the office to late-night hangouts on streets! Just by retrospecting, I discovered the reason of my attachment to this city; its only the fact that in all these days, reality was more beautiful than dreams, and this made all the moments so very special and dear ones.

Now, with less than two days left here, I want to live every moment that I have in this city. Right from going to the terrace of the guest house to the campus courts, from office to shopping streets. Will really miss the folks around here, the ‘laambi gaadi wale’ jokes, the pidgin chats with Manikanth, Prashant & Rajat, the short breaks with giggles at the pantry, Kwality and our food courts, the entire campus premises, the rainbow in the sky, the potato festival at the guest house, the story telling moments, the STD truthful moments, Anup’s brotherhood, Priyadarshini’s on-the-spot jokes, Yogeshwar’s determination, Nikhila’s chats about HYD, and most important of all, the chats with Prashant and Rajat; somethings that I had not even told to myself. To put in the simplest words, HYD has taught me how important it is to respect the people around you. I now understand that it is the people around you that are your real wealth!

Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai: A movie that shows Mukta’s quest for happiness. In my case, it has been Pune – HYD – Pune. No words to do enough justice to joys that I have had here, so just encapsulating, “Bandha julte he pritiche, goood naate janmantariche.”

Cheers to the Spartans and the Devils
Pune – HYD – Pune


My last email as a PM

May 10, 2011

DVSSS, expanded as Design and Verification of Secure Software Systems was indeed a memorable course which was successful in inculcating the security values in me and which gave a lifetime experience of being a Student Project Manager!

Following is the mail that I had sent on the last day of the course, when we all were done with the presentation of our system.

Hello all,

This mail won’t be like my usual mails of meetings at so n so time, or any reports to be given to the PMs. This is just a mail of gratitude and to congratulate all of us. Thank you for being such a nice team. I might have been rude at times, but please don’t take it personally. I remember a quote from Pirates movie: “Capt. Jack Sparrow, its only good business!!!”. I hope everyone understood what I meant to say. In past months, I have really learnt that being a PM, obviously, you have to take the responsibilities on your shoulder and face all the consequences. Its your job to manage the team. On this note, I remember an email signature that one of my friend has: “An army of sheep led by a lion can beat an army of lion led by a sheep” !!! Its the lead who should have the strength to face the problems. Our leads have also worked flawlessly! Thank you for it. Their corresponding teams also co-operated well with them. No doubt there were issues, but still this was our first time, and has given us a nice trailer of what we are going to see in our near future. Also, no words can really do justice to the amount of inspiration that Manish sir has given all of us! Hats-off to him, for his dedication and devotion towards us. He has taught us to push the boundaries of engineering and think out of the box!  To salute the same, we all are planning to have an informal get together for dinner at some hotel at Deccan or Jm Road, on some day which is convenient for all. Details will be communicated later. I wish all my buddies a prosperous life ahead, and once again, do not take any of my comments or mails personally. It was only good business! Last thing to mention, undoubtedly DVSSS has taught me to keep relations and profession as two different things in life !! Thank you DVSSS.
– Regards,


Ashwin Tumma

B. Tech (Computer),

College of Engineering,Pune

Registered Linux User #496418


Installing and Configuring Bugzilla

March 2, 2011

This post contains detailed steps for installing and configuring Bugzilla Version:

Current releases do not follow the same traditional approach of configuring the files, they are altered. In the documentation presented below, I have highlighted the differences in the steps of installation and presented the steps for installing current versions of Bugzilla on Ubuntu machines.

Hope, it is of help to someone. Thanks to the FOSS community!

Installing_Bugzilla.pdf [File Size: 714Kb, No. of pages: 07]


Creative Commons License
Installing and Configuring Bugzilla by Ashwin Tumma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 India License.

Tata Photon+ on Ubuntu 10.04 machines

February 10, 2011


Special Thanks to Shweta Shinde, for sharing these useful links with me.

This post does prove Abhijit sir’s statement: “If a company wants to sell its products, then it has to add support for Linux”.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will…..

January 21, 2011

An inspirational poem that our Director Sir used to recite at the assembly hall. Really its almost six years now, and “today” *  I understand the true essence of this poem. Missing school days, when everything used to be : JuSt FiNe.

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a fellow turns about
When he might have won had he stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than
It seems to a faint and faltering man;
Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victor’s cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out –
The silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It might be near when it seems afar;
So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit –
It’s when things seem worst that you must not quit.

– Author Unknown

* : Note the quotes here. Today means, specifically today 🙂

2010’s Teachings

January 9, 2011

2010 has been a year which will always stay vivid in my memories. A year which has shown me most of the colours of life.(and also true colours of others 😉 )
Happiness! Joys! Sorrows! Relationships! Dilemmas! Traumas!
It has indeed taught me:

– The excitement of riding a Honda Unicorn,

– The joy of being the topper of the class,

– The fear of failing in two subjects,

– The thrill of writing a research paper,

– The sorrow of being ill and being bed-ridden for two long weeks,

– The true colours of people around you,

– The people who are really close to you in your hard times,

– The people who only know how to use you for their own benefit (and forget when “their” job is done),

– The relations which I would really like to cherish for years and years to come,

– The endeavour needed to come out of ones encumbrances,

– The courage of speaking the truth irrespective of its consequences in relationships,

– The pride of being a member of more than two communities,

– The speechlessness after being awarded “Best Reviewer of 2010” by NASSCOM and Global Graphics,

– The maturity of dealing with new people,

– The sense of talking with acquaintances,

– The essence of close relationships and their nurturing,

– The intricacies of mutual understanding (not with all, but only with few people),

– The excitement of having a new  car, and last, but the best of all,

– The joy, excitement, happiness and thrill of getting placed in Oracle !

The post will remain incomplete without the mention of,  some of my eminent teachers who have a profound influence on me: Prof. Kokate, Prof. (Mrs.) Kokate, Prof. Abhijit M,  Mahesh, Sur, Bhaiya, Harsha, Mihir, Shashank, Jitu Da, Amu, Ravi, Swap, Abhi, Vip, & Avi. Fortunate enough to have Bhaiya, Shashank, Mahesh who have always taken good care of me.

Shortcut to fetch unread mails in Gmail

December 25, 2010

Many a times it happens that we want to reduce the count of unread mails in Gmail, and whilst doing the same, seldom it happens that the Inbox shows that still there are some unread mails, and you are unable to spot them. Here’s  a simple and lame trick for it :

In the search box type :

is: unread

A box full of joy and excitement

September 22, 2010

20th Aug, ’10: After a brief spell of illness, I had given my first aptitude test.

25th Aug, ’10:  Suddenly Swap calls me up and informs about, me getting shortlisted for interview. Then started the preparations. Nervousness, fear, joy, excitement started creeping in.

26th Aug, ’10: The day of interviews. Those 2 technical rounds followed by an HR round were really memorable. After get shortlisted after the second round, my heart literally sank. But, JSP, JDBC, LDAP, etc.  started giving me confidence. Also, the interviewerers were very friendly, this made the whole situation a bit comfortable. In the afternoon, the atmosphere had become such that,I was praying to god, that please take me to the end of the day and show me what are the results of the interviews. And in such genre of circumstances, it is so damn difficult to kill time. At last the HR was over and we all had gone to the boat club. Suddenly, got a call that everyone was supposed to assemble  in the TnP office. I rushed to the office, and the HR manager said, we have selected 6 students amongst you, and they are. Keeping my fingers crossed and literally missing a heart-beat, I heard my name in the selected candidates. A wave of joy splashed 🙂 Oracle Communications!!!!

The best part of the initial celebrations was that I got to see the person, whom I was dying to tell about my placement. Thanks for being there bro. 🙂  I am sure, 26th Aug, will remain vivid in my memories for lifetime.

Here’s a list of people, whom I want to thank whole-heartedly. They have been major contributors in my placement and life.

Abhijit Sir, for all that he has given me, its a very huge list.

Kokate ma’am, for always guiding me through and being a great mentor.

[Late] Sarika ma’am: for teaching me DBMS and making the subject more interesting. She would have been the happiest person after hearing this. I really wish, she had been there today.

Patil ma’am: for the excellent review of our project which proved to be very helpful in interviews.

Mahesh and Surekha, who have always been with me in all my joys and sorrows, who have taught me what life is all about, and who have rigorously boosted my moral with the following thought-Never to be overjoyed by success, or disheartened by failure.

I can still feel the nervousness and the butterflies in my stomach, which I had the night before the interview.  And don’t know why, but involuntarily decided to give a phone call to Mihir. His solace, his comfort, his guidance and his techniques have more than 60% share in my placement.  I must say that hadn’t I talked to him the last night, I would would have been completely drenched in nervousness. Thanks  a lot bro.

Harsha, who has always supported me, always been a well-wisher. She has consistently been a great teacher, right from preparing notes for me to teaching me the most difficult topics in a lucid manner.  For always having faith in my capabilities and guiding me appropriately. This post will undoubtedly be incomplete, if I fail to write the line that she had quoted when I had told her about my placement. The  idiom is as follows – ‘Never let your success be the hurdle in your progress.’ Indeed, this is a lesson for lifetime.

Amu, who taught me that there are many “other” important things in life that matter more than your curricular and “extra-curricular” ones.

Shashank, who always has a panacea to all my predicaments. I am confident that, anytime I go to him with my problem, he will surely mitigate it. I won’t be exaggerating by saying that, he is perhaps the best person I have ever met in my life. A perfect role model, an idealist friend and the one who understands me the best.

Swapnil, for being a great teacher and an idealistic friend. If sincerity is to be personified, I find no one better than him. A very special thanks to him, for channelizing my slumberant energies in the most appropriate and perfect direction. For being there for me, whenever I need him.

Ravi, for sharing with me, every piece of his life’s cake. A person with whom I can chat endlessly, without having to worry that the person in front of me would get bugged up. For making me realize that whatever I have, I should be happy with it. I fail to recollect the incident when we had first met, but perhaps that is one of the luckiest moments I have ever had in CoEP.

Akshay, without whom it would have been difficult to stay in CoEP, and for always being there for me.

To add to the list, Vipul, Nilima, Ankit, Roshan, Ajinkya, Ajit, Sanjeev, Neha and Mayura for all those great moments that we have had. Saumil, for always being there for me. Esha, Tejal, Nida, Pratima and Deepti for the time that we spent in the same batch.

CoFSUG, who has given me, the greatest experience of lab administration and many new acquiantances who have now become great friends. 🙂

And the list continues. I finf myself fortunate that I am blessed with such great people in my life.

The Luckiest Academic Year, 2009-10

July 10, 2010

After the summer lab course, the academic year commenced. Lab Administration,  Meetings, Preparations, CoFSUG Inaug, etc. were some of the events which gave loads of experience and taught different work genres. Following this, came a vacation of SWINE FLU ! Rumours & panics took grip and then home sweet home. In a short time the city started recovery and civic life was restored with shields like masks, scarfs and sanitizers.

Then came Mindspark, and suprisingly Akshay and I became the co-ordinators of Code Junkie [Thanks to Samrin and Ashlesha]. CoFSUG-Mindspark events were also carried out in full swing. Mindspark has indeed preached me how to tackle the most difficult situations in life and that too when things are not the way, you want them to be.

Fivth semesters’ results were out and I got my best SGPA till then [8.71]. The sixth semester started and in the very first month, CoFSUG had its first external session at Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. Abhijit Sir gave an exuberant talk on FOSS and Linux Usage in academia. I got an opportunity to help students at Bharati in their Lab Setup and assisting them with things like basic Linux understanding to LDAP-Moodle Setup. Luckily, both, the students and staff, liked our work. Appreciation at Bharati has given me a new strength in working and assisting poople with the things I know. Thank you, Bharati Vidyapeeth. Localization Camp at RedHat Corp. followed. The camp was great. It was a dream come true. I wanted to see my laptop screen showing Marathi System fonts and it did ! At RedHat, I learnt that localization is indeed a very challenging job and that there are job opportunities in this domain also. Only thing you need to have is the zeal of getting things working. Few days at Bharati and RedHat have written a lesson in the pages of my life. They teach me how to handle those circumstances in life when you are supposed to be at two places simultaneously.

For few days, I stayed at Marketyard. And guess how lucky I was. Shanky would pick me up for college and also drop at home in evening. Those days redefined the term ‘REST’ for me. PHP Camp was simply great. Symbi campus!!!

In mid Feb, I had gone to visit one of my friends at AISSMS and I guess I was carrying a bag of luck that day. Their tech-fest was going on and there was a Software Review Competition. I gave my review and bingo!!! it was selected as the best review and after some days I got an invitation for the Award Distribution Ceremony which was to be held in Hotel Pride. It was my first chance to visit Hotel Pride and what an evening it was! An evening which will stay in my memory forever. It is embossed with gold in my mind. I felt on the top of world to dine with the Chairmans of two corporations. They shared their experiences in  building their corporations and also suggested me some opportunities that I could purse after engg. Its after spending time with such great people you come to know that Success is the one word form of Hard Work, Confidence, Trust, Belief and Determination.  Thank you NASSCOM and Global Graphics Corp.

CoEP ACM Student Chapter Formation phase begun and again there was a shower of luck. I became the Secretary. It was a great feeling that I am a member of the Student Chapter which is first of its kind in the dept. Its activities will be initiated when Final year begins.

On similar lines of Bharati Vidyapeeth, I conducted some sessions of LDAP-Moodle at Government Polytechnic, Pune  and Pune Institute of Computer Technology[PICT]. Lab Admin Course was also conducted for the juniors. They were carried out well and as and when I conducted sessions, I think that each session went on teaching me how to explain stuff to your novice audience. I want to thank all the people out there for their co-operation and appreciation. A sincere and a very special thanks to Abhijit Sir. All this wouldn’t have  seen daylight if he were not there. Looking at him, I feel that yes, I can see someone whom I can emulate.

And yes, before I forget to mention, last year was the one which has given me many new acquaintances and friends. New people, new cultures, new behaviours, new likes, new dislikes, new adjustments, new joys and new sorrows ! Best friends have become more dearer. I find myself very fortunate that I have people, who have always been there for me. Thank god, they are with me. Amongst friends, if I were to list some names, then it would undoubtedly include:  Maddy, Shanky, Harsha, Ravi, Mihir, Sappu, Vipul, Aks.

And finally, in the last week, the results of the sixth semester are out and for the first time I could be a 9 pointer.[SGPA: 9.63] . All these things made me realize that the previous academic year was my luckiest. Ooh! this post will remain incomplete unless I mention about my dearest rings. 🙂 🙂

Just while thinking of these memories, my heart keeps on saying: “Those were the days…..” 😛 [People, there is humour in this stmt. which is a classroom  joke. 🙂 🙂 ] And I dont think that I need to convince myself anymore that, LUCK does exist !

The Psychologists’ Stories.

December 22, 2009

Recently happened to meet a psychologist from Mumbai. While having a talk with him, he told me following stories:

Story 1:
We all know the story of the hare and the tortoise. Just to have the blog post a complete article, I ll just recall the story in short.
A very common start……
Once upon a time, the hare and the tortoise decide to have a race. The race begins and the hare runs fast and reaches upto a certain point and looks behind for the tortoise. The tortoise being very slow, is left way behind. So the hare decides since it will take long time for the tortoise to reach his position, he ll take a nap and the restart later. But what happens is, the hare falls asleep and the tortoise reaches the finish line before the hare and wins the race.
It was the hares’ over-confidence that pulled him back.

Story 2:

The hare now realizes the above fact, and decides not to commit the same mistake again. Result, the hare starts off very fast, and is confident about his speed, and gradually reaches the finish line before the tortoise and wins the race.
It is the confidence of the hare that won him the race.

Story 3:

Now, since the scores are equal, the designers of the race decide to have one more race, and this time they change the track. Both the competitors are unaware about the change. Now, this time the race track passes through a pond. The hare starts off very fast and when he sees water, he gets confused. What to do now?? There is a hinderance in my path!!! The tortoise follows in a short while and swims through the pond very easily and this time again the tortoise wins the race.
The hare lost the race only because he didnt know how to deal with the obstacle in his path.

Story 4:

On the hares’ demand, there is one more race. This time the hare and the tortoise decide to co-operate. Initially the hare takes the tortoise on his back and runs fast to towards the pond. On reaching the pond, they swap their positions. Now, the tortoise takes the hare on his back, and swims through. Vice-versa repeats on land. And finally, both the hare and the tortoise win the race.
MORAL : Co-operation makes you win the race.

The psychologist just wanted to mention the fact, that come-what-may you have to be fast, steady, confident and co-operative to win the race of life. Dont let any Tom-Dick-Harry govern your life or ruin it. Your life is yours’ and its only you who need to strive to make it better.:-)