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Understanding Nostalgia; PUNE – HYD – PUNE

August 9, 2011

This was the first time that I was staying away from my home for such a long time. For the mere purpose of garnishing my above quote, I would say that that was the first time that I would have been away from the city in which I was born and brought up. Indeed, Pune is a darling place for me. A town which has taught me everything, right from toddling to giving the confidence of hanging out without fear in any metro. For this lame reason or so, I was not at all nervous that I will be staying in a completely new city (?) Oops, I guess, I shall not term HYD as completely new coz, it being my native place. My ancestors had migrated to MH almost a century ago; so by the virtue of the fact that HYD blood still runs in my veins, I can’t term HYD as a completely new city to me.

An interesting stat popped up the day before I was gonna join Oracle. My dad said, ‘look the city has brought us back; our ancestors had also started earning their bread and butter from the same city, and now, after years together, you will also start to earn your living from the same city’. An interesting calc and observation, but the Punekar in me, shoved me back from imbibing this fact. Then, I had just regarded it as a co-incidence; obviously this might be coz of the ‘puneri’ in me; but I didn’t know what this city had kept in its secret treasure, that has now made me fall in love with it!

Day one at Oracle was challenging; with all the IITians and NITians around, kept me on the edge of my chair. Lateral hires were adding to my anxiety. Their experienced and professional talks made me a bit worried, that will I be able to sustain professionalism. But, in due course of time, I did start feeling comfortable and resting in my chair. Not to mention, my bolster in
this circumstance was an inner voice that kept on screaming, ‘Aawaj konacha….’ 🙂 With a two day induction programme, my corporate life had got a kick-start. Suddenly in a matter of few days, responsibilities start putting their heads on your shoulders. The corporate world always keeps you reminding that you are out of college now. But, nonetheless, it also has many similarities. Thanks to the Campus to Corporate programme! Many of our hidden talents were showcased during the same. After those invigorating HR sessions, technical sessions were the ones that fell in line. They were very informative and flawlessly designed. And in this way continued a series of weeks with sessions on the weekdays and hangouts on weekends. Friday excitements and Monday blues are somethings that have become so very well imbibed in me now 🙂

Today, I am running out of words to express my joys and sorrows for Hyderabad; truly ineffable! Now, I feel homesick, not for Pune, but for HYD. The city that has shown me so many different aspects and facets of life, the city that has introduced me to some great friends, the city that has given me the first-timers. First-timers, then it might be corporate talks to hanging out with friends, from bowling in malls to go-carting and playing in the snow and from daily morning rushes to the office to late-night hangouts on streets! Just by retrospecting, I discovered the reason of my attachment to this city; its only the fact that in all these days, reality was more beautiful than dreams, and this made all the moments so very special and dear ones.

Now, with less than two days left here, I want to live every moment that I have in this city. Right from going to the terrace of the guest house to the campus courts, from office to shopping streets. Will really miss the folks around here, the ‘laambi gaadi wale’ jokes, the pidgin chats with Manikanth, Prashant & Rajat, the short breaks with giggles at the pantry, Kwality and our food courts, the entire campus premises, the rainbow in the sky, the potato festival at the guest house, the story telling moments, the STD truthful moments, Anup’s brotherhood, Priyadarshini’s on-the-spot jokes, Yogeshwar’s determination, Nikhila’s chats about HYD, and most important of all, the chats with Prashant and Rajat; somethings that I had not even told to myself. To put in the simplest words, HYD has taught me how important it is to respect the people around you. I now understand that it is the people around you that are your real wealth!

Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai: A movie that shows Mukta’s quest for happiness. In my case, it has been Pune – HYD – Pune. No words to do enough justice to joys that I have had here, so just encapsulating, “Bandha julte he pritiche, goood naate janmantariche.”

Cheers to the Spartans and the Devils
Pune – HYD – Pune


One of the meticulous and benevolent review of my email.

August 4, 2011

The review in this post is given by one of my friend named Harshada, on :This Post: My Last Email

Gr8 work..!!
The sweetest attempt I hav ever seen to show the gratitude..By hiding
all bad but focusing on the best things of the journey..!!

we keep on saying – “All well that ends well”..!! But from ur letter
the best thing I got to learn is :-
“Most of the times it is in your hands how to end the thing..!!”
(Grab the ball in your court before anybody else gets it when you know
u r the best person to hit the last shot..!!)

No doubt it will make u stand differently..!! but I know it was not
written from that intention..

This kind of small deeds can make someone feel so good that he can
think of himself as a spcl person ..!!And the kind of satisfaction the
receiver n the sender gets cannot be expressed in words..!! I guess a
MAIL is the only thing that gives satisfaction to both – the sender n
the receiver..!!

( There will be ppl who wont bother to reply.. but b4 they do so,lets
say-  “It ws not for u dude.. it was wrongly sent .. but u must have
got the thing before reception of this mail n reading  that its
wrongly u knw u dont deserve this..:)”

some of them may just reply for the matter “….we all are planning to

have an informal get together for dinner at some hotel at Deccan or Jm

Road…..”..he he LOL 🙂

but really thank these ppl who make us different n highlight every
good thing we do..!! think if we all would have been same..? Its their
wrong behaviour which makes us do gr8 job..!!

the quotes in between have really garnished the stuff..!!
“no words can really do justice ..” ..guess has got bcm ur favrt
quote..!! u r really a quick learner..!!

Its the best way to make GOOD memories out of (some)bad experiences..
Its all on how we take it,isnt it..?

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-Harshada Kshirsagar.

I really appreciate the efforts that she has taken to write such a magnificent, benevolent and open-hearted review.


Author: Harshada Kshirsagar