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MIHIR KULKARNI: “Leaving for UCI on 3rd September! :) :( Visa done! British Airways flight booked! I’m really getting d feeling of being homesick now.. Feeling both happy and sad”

July 2, 2011

The title of this post is a facebook status msg., dated: 30th June 2011.

Last night I had a dream of the scene wherein it is my last meet with this guy named, Mihir Kulkarni, before he flies to the US to pursue his post graduation studies. Mihir, someone who has been really close to me in CoEP. An invigorating teacher, an impeccable love guru and someone who had panacea to all my problems in college. I fail to recollect the whole dream, but when I was awake, I did find tears in my eyes; for countless reasons to mention. Good heavens! it is probably the last time that I could meet him in person. I know that gmail, fb, skype,etc. have ended the tyranny of geography, but what misses is, the essence of vis-a-vis meeting. The situation indeed shoved the thought in me, that I will really miss him here in India.

I vividly remember my first day at CoEP. Everything was new to me, and  I had to adjust in a class where everyone was already friends with each other. All the anxieties of joining an entirely new class indeed made me weep for some timeless moments. But, as time passed on, things started changing and it was the summer lab course that gave me new friends; friends with whom I could be myself; one amongst them was Mihir. With his happy-go-lucky nature to support, we were immediate friends and later on became best friends. To abbreviate it, I would say, BFF: Best Friends Forever!

I understand that this is not the time where we all should get sentimental. Just for this reason, I won’t mention anything emotional further in this post. I don’t know if going to the US is written in my destiny or not, but I will surely like to meet him “asap”(the acronym that differs from person-to-person), hope fate supports 🙂 Now, that in few days time, he will fly to California, I wish him all the very best for his future studies and life. May the almighty render him with all the things that he desires in life.

Wishing him all the best!

– Ashwin.

@Mihir, if you remember, we have planned something similar to the scenario in 3 Idiots. After few years, we will meet  on the same table at Comesum Restaurant, Pune Station at 2:30 am; the same scene as it was on the day of our night-out. I whole-heartedly wish that the plan materializes 🙂