Teachings 2010-2011: An Updated Version

This post is in an annexe to: Teachings 2010

Indeed, the last semester of CoEP did inculcate loads of values; I have now understood: **

– that one should never opt for an elective course merely by analyzing previous statistics.

– that one must never take a project in a domain which you were never taught.

– that one must always be a proud owner of a grandeur heart and understand others.

– that one should never weep for those who don’t deserve your tears, one must always fight back dauntlessly and fierce-fully.

– that one must always possess the masculine quality of forgiving people.

– that one must never hit the front brakes of a bike when you see water scattered on the road, (and that too in the midst of the square)

– that one must never ponder whilst riding a bike, atleast not when there are no lights on the highway πŸ˜€

– that one must always be immediate friends with strangers, wherever it might be, might a bus transit, might be in Bangalore πŸ˜›

– that one must understand that some people always have the right to bounce on you, anytime, anywhere, but when it comes to your feelings, you will always be assaulted.

– that one must not be a rascal at seminars and presentations (IT industry presentations to be precise)

– that one must respect the organizers of events.

– that one must, with due diligence, appreciate the efforts of your fellow members.

– that one must by now have got the hunch that to hide one lie you need to lie more than a thousand times.

– that one must always abide by one’s privacy (and at times anonymity as well).

– that everyone in the world has their own problems and issues, one needs to learn from others mistakes and tack-ticks.

– that trying to be someone else is an insult to yourself, you are denying the fact that “you are somebody”.

– that one should “try and trust” others for the work they are assigned to.

– that one should “try” and be a good listener.

– that one must not ditch others, by giving ad hoc excuses atleast the one’s who adore you and respect you like a god.

– that one must not give birth to new “issues” while solving the previous ones.

-that one should never get aroused in life, and take decisions under the pressure of relationships ***

and last and the most important of all:

– that one must always learn to keep relations and professionalism as two different things in life, and you should own your deeds.

** N. B.: The above mentioned incidents are not entirely my experiences, they have their origins from varied sources. From friends, from profs., from teachers, from trespassers, from strangers, from “crushes’ :), etc.

***: There are many more teachings, but right now I fail to remember them πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


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