My last email as a PM

DVSSS, expanded as Design and Verification of Secure Software Systems was indeed a memorable course which was successful in inculcating the security values in me and which gave a lifetime experience of being a Student Project Manager!

Following is the mail that I had sent on the last day of the course, when we all were done with the presentation of our system.

Hello all,

This mail won’t be like my usual mails of meetings at so n so time, or any reports to be given to the PMs. This is just a mail of gratitude and to congratulate all of us. Thank you for being such a nice team. I might have been rude at times, but please don’t take it personally. I remember a quote from Pirates movie: “Capt. Jack Sparrow, its only good business!!!”. I hope everyone understood what I meant to say. In past months, I have really learnt that being a PM, obviously, you have to take the responsibilities on your shoulder and face all the consequences. Its your job to manage the team. On this note, I remember an email signature that one of my friend has: “An army of sheep led by a lion can beat an army of lion led by a sheep” !!! Its the lead who should have the strength to face the problems. Our leads have also worked flawlessly! Thank you for it. Their corresponding teams also co-operated well with them. No doubt there were issues, but still this was our first time, and has given us a nice trailer of what we are going to see in our near future. Also, no words can really do justice to the amount of inspiration that Manish sir has given all of us! Hats-off to him, for his dedication and devotion towards us. He has taught us to push the boundaries of engineering and think out of the box!  To salute the same, we all are planning to have an informal get together for dinner at some hotel at Deccan or Jm Road, on some day which is convenient for all. Details will be communicated later. I wish all my buddies a prosperous life ahead, and once again, do not take any of my comments or mails personally. It was only good business! Last thing to mention, undoubtedly DVSSS has taught me to keep relations and profession as two different things in life !! Thank you DVSSS.
– Regards,


Ashwin Tumma

B. Tech (Computer),

College of Engineering,Pune

Registered Linux User #496418



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