Storage and Virtualization Course

This article contains some of the programs of the assignments that were carried out in the Storage and Virtualization Course.  Wherever possible I have included comments and references. Thought of sharing them, so that they can be of ready reference to others.


Assignment No. 1 : Creating and Studying RAM Disk in Linux – Assignment1.pdf [ File Size: 237KB,  No. of Pages: 2]


Assignment No. 2 : Writing Character Device Drivers in Linux – Assignment2.pdf [ File Size: 108KB,  No. of Pages: 1]


Assignment No. 3 : Write a program to find out the different attributes of files and the mounted file systems. – Assignment3.pdf [ FileSize: 39KB,  No. of Pages: 1] Major System Calls used in the program : stat(), statvfs(). Following Structures were used : struct stat, struct statvfs. stat is used for getting information about a individual file. statvfs is used for querying the file system.


Assignment No. 4 : Program code to display messages on module load and unload – Assignment4.pdf [ File Size: 166KB,  No. of Pages: 1]


Assignment No. 5 : NFS: A Case Study – Assignment5.pdf [ File Size: 339 KB,  No. of Pages: 2]


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