2010’s Teachings

2010 has been a year which will always stay vivid in my memories. A year which has shown me most of the colours of life.(and also true colours of others 😉 )
Happiness! Joys! Sorrows! Relationships! Dilemmas! Traumas!
It has indeed taught me:

– The excitement of riding a Honda Unicorn,

– The joy of being the topper of the class,

– The fear of failing in two subjects,

– The thrill of writing a research paper,

– The sorrow of being ill and being bed-ridden for two long weeks,

– The true colours of people around you,

– The people who are really close to you in your hard times,

– The people who only know how to use you for their own benefit (and forget when “their” job is done),

– The relations which I would really like to cherish for years and years to come,

– The endeavour needed to come out of ones encumbrances,

– The courage of speaking the truth irrespective of its consequences in relationships,

– The pride of being a member of more than two communities,

– The speechlessness after being awarded “Best Reviewer of 2010” by NASSCOM and Global Graphics,

– The maturity of dealing with new people,

– The sense of talking with acquaintances,

– The essence of close relationships and their nurturing,

– The intricacies of mutual understanding (not with all, but only with few people),

– The excitement of having a new  car, and last, but the best of all,

– The joy, excitement, happiness and thrill of getting placed in Oracle !

The post will remain incomplete without the mention of,  some of my eminent teachers who have a profound influence on me: Prof. Kokate, Prof. (Mrs.) Kokate, Prof. Abhijit M,  Mahesh, Sur, Bhaiya, Harsha, Mihir, Shashank, Jitu Da, Amu, Ravi, Swap, Abhi, Vip, & Avi. Fortunate enough to have Bhaiya, Shashank, Mahesh who have always taken good care of me.


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