Some LaTeX tips

These are some of the LaTeX errors that I had encountered whilst preparing my report.

1. While using BIBTEX, I wanted to specify the names of multiple authors in the “author” tag. Initially I was separating them using a comma, but the correct way of doing it is by using ‘and’. For e.g.:

author =       “Jing Gao and Wai Fan and Jaiwen Han and Philip S. Yu”,
title =        “A {G}eneral {F}ramework for {M}ining {C}oncept-{D}rifting {D}ata {S}treams with {S}kewed {D}istributions”,
note =         “Work supported in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation”,

2. In the above snippet, also note that the alphabets which I want to capitalize are have braces around them. E.g. ‘G’ in General.

3. Inserting a eps file in the LaTeX Document.

AN APPEAL: If the readers of this post know the exact solution to this problem, i.e. how could I insert the two-column page in my original report, please reply to this post.


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