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Some LaTeX tips

November 6, 2010

These are some of the LaTeX errors that I had encountered whilst preparing my report.

1. While using BIBTEX, I wanted to specify the names of multiple authors in the “author” tag. Initially I was separating them using a comma, but the correct way of doing it is by using ‘and’. For e.g.:

author =       “Jing Gao and Wai Fan and Jaiwen Han and Philip S. Yu”,
title =        “A {G}eneral {F}ramework for {M}ining {C}oncept-{D}rifting {D}ata {S}treams with {S}kewed {D}istributions”,
note =         “Work supported in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation”,

2. In the above snippet, also note that the alphabets which I want to capitalize are have braces around them. E.g. ‘G’ in General.

3. Inserting a eps file in the LaTeX Document.

AN APPEAL: If the readers of this post know the exact solution to this problem, i.e. how could I insert the two-column page in my original report, please reply to this post.


Setting up an Intrusion Detection System

November 4, 2010

The following document contains detailed steps of Installing, Configuring and Using Snort – Intrusion Detection System.

Snort Version Used: Squid –

Snort [File Type: PDF, Size: 766.3 KB]