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Setting up a Proxy Server

October 20, 2010

The following document contains detailed steps of Installing, Configuring and Using SQUID Proxy Server.

SQUID Version Used: Squid – 2.7 STABLE release.

Proxy_Server [File Type: PDF, Size: 378.1 KB]


Adding new fonts to list of fonts in GIMP

October 16, 2010

Just thought that documenting this will help someone.

Procedure to add new fonts to list of fonts in GIMP :

1. Download the required fonts. Extract them in some directory.  You will get to see the <fontname>.tff file.

2. Open GIMP -> Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Folders

3. Expand the Folders tab. You will find a FONTS tab therein.Just add the path of the directory in which you have extracted the .tff file. Screenshot Attached Below.

4. Restart GIMP. Your new font is  added to the list of fonts.

Fig.: Adding Directory Path to the fonts tab. Click on the image to view it in High Resolution

Project added to Visual Analytics Benchmark Repository

October 13, 2010

Our project got added to the Visual Analytics BenchMark Repository.

Weblink for Repository


Entry to be refered : College of Engineering, Pune

About the repository:
The Visual Analytics Benchmarks Repository contains resources to improve the evaluation of visual analytics technology. Benchmarks contains datasets and tasks, as well as materials describing the uses of those benchmarks (the results of analysis, contest entries, controlled experiment materials etc.)  Most benchmarks contain ground truth described in a solution provided with the benchmark, allowing accuracy metrics to be computed.  When the use of the benchmark is described in a paper, the paper can be linked to the benchmark(s) used.

Managed by HCIL, University of Maryland

Installing Drupal on Ubuntu Machines

October 3, 2010

Attached file contains detailed steps with screenshots for installing Drupal on Ubuntu machines.