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A box full of joy and excitement

September 22, 2010

20th Aug, ’10: After a brief spell of illness, I had given my first aptitude test.

25th Aug, ’10:  Suddenly Swap calls me up and informs about, me getting shortlisted for interview. Then started the preparations. Nervousness, fear, joy, excitement started creeping in.

26th Aug, ’10: The day of interviews. Those 2 technical rounds followed by an HR round were really memorable. After get shortlisted after the second round, my heart literally sank. But, JSP, JDBC, LDAP, etc.  started giving me confidence. Also, the interviewerers were very friendly, this made the whole situation a bit comfortable. In the afternoon, the atmosphere had become such that,I was praying to god, that please take me to the end of the day and show me what are the results of the interviews. And in such genre of circumstances, it is so damn difficult to kill time. At last the HR was over and we all had gone to the boat club. Suddenly, got a call that everyone was supposed to assemble  in the TnP office. I rushed to the office, and the HR manager said, we have selected 6 students amongst you, and they are. Keeping my fingers crossed and literally missing a heart-beat, I heard my name in the selected candidates. A wave of joy splashed 🙂 Oracle Communications!!!!

The best part of the initial celebrations was that I got to see the person, whom I was dying to tell about my placement. Thanks for being there bro. 🙂  I am sure, 26th Aug, will remain vivid in my memories for lifetime.

Here’s a list of people, whom I want to thank whole-heartedly. They have been major contributors in my placement and life.

Abhijit Sir, for all that he has given me, its a very huge list.

Kokate ma’am, for always guiding me through and being a great mentor.

[Late] Sarika ma’am: for teaching me DBMS and making the subject more interesting. She would have been the happiest person after hearing this. I really wish, she had been there today.

Patil ma’am: for the excellent review of our project which proved to be very helpful in interviews.

Mahesh and Surekha, who have always been with me in all my joys and sorrows, who have taught me what life is all about, and who have rigorously boosted my moral with the following thought-Never to be overjoyed by success, or disheartened by failure.

I can still feel the nervousness and the butterflies in my stomach, which I had the night before the interview.  And don’t know why, but involuntarily decided to give a phone call to Mihir. His solace, his comfort, his guidance and his techniques have more than 60% share in my placement.  I must say that hadn’t I talked to him the last night, I would would have been completely drenched in nervousness. Thanks  a lot bro.

Harsha, who has always supported me, always been a well-wisher. She has consistently been a great teacher, right from preparing notes for me to teaching me the most difficult topics in a lucid manner.  For always having faith in my capabilities and guiding me appropriately. This post will undoubtedly be incomplete, if I fail to write the line that she had quoted when I had told her about my placement. The  idiom is as follows – ‘Never let your success be the hurdle in your progress.’ Indeed, this is a lesson for lifetime.

Amu, who taught me that there are many “other” important things in life that matter more than your curricular and “extra-curricular” ones.

Shashank, who always has a panacea to all my predicaments. I am confident that, anytime I go to him with my problem, he will surely mitigate it. I won’t be exaggerating by saying that, he is perhaps the best person I have ever met in my life. A perfect role model, an idealist friend and the one who understands me the best.

Swapnil, for being a great teacher and an idealistic friend. If sincerity is to be personified, I find no one better than him. A very special thanks to him, for channelizing my slumberant energies in the most appropriate and perfect direction. For being there for me, whenever I need him.

Ravi, for sharing with me, every piece of his life’s cake. A person with whom I can chat endlessly, without having to worry that the person in front of me would get bugged up. For making me realize that whatever I have, I should be happy with it. I fail to recollect the incident when we had first met, but perhaps that is one of the luckiest moments I have ever had in CoEP.

Akshay, without whom it would have been difficult to stay in CoEP, and for always being there for me.

To add to the list, Vipul, Nilima, Ankit, Roshan, Ajinkya, Ajit, Sanjeev, Neha and Mayura for all those great moments that we have had. Saumil, for always being there for me. Esha, Tejal, Nida, Pratima and Deepti for the time that we spent in the same batch.

CoFSUG, who has given me, the greatest experience of lab administration and many new acquiantances who have now become great friends. 🙂

And the list continues. I finf myself fortunate that I am blessed with such great people in my life.


Interpretation of the Linux Kernel Version

September 8, 2010

The Linux Kernel has a peculiar version system. :-

First digit : Major Version

Second digit : Minor Version

Third digit : Revision Number

Fourth digit : Stable Version