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The Luckiest Academic Year, 2009-10

July 10, 2010

After the summer lab course, the academic year commenced. Lab Administration,  Meetings, Preparations, CoFSUG Inaug, etc. were some of the events which gave loads of experience and taught different work genres. Following this, came a vacation of SWINE FLU ! Rumours & panics took grip and then home sweet home. In a short time the city started recovery and civic life was restored with shields like masks, scarfs and sanitizers.

Then came Mindspark, and suprisingly Akshay and I became the co-ordinators of Code Junkie [Thanks to Samrin and Ashlesha]. CoFSUG-Mindspark events were also carried out in full swing. Mindspark has indeed preached me how to tackle the most difficult situations in life and that too when things are not the way, you want them to be.

Fivth semesters’ results were out and I got my best SGPA till then [8.71]. The sixth semester started and in the very first month, CoFSUG had its first external session at Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune. Abhijit Sir gave an exuberant talk on FOSS and Linux Usage in academia. I got an opportunity to help students at Bharati in their Lab Setup and assisting them with things like basic Linux understanding to LDAP-Moodle Setup. Luckily, both, the students and staff, liked our work. Appreciation at Bharati has given me a new strength in working and assisting poople with the things I know. Thank you, Bharati Vidyapeeth. Localization Camp at RedHat Corp. followed. The camp was great. It was a dream come true. I wanted to see my laptop screen showing Marathi System fonts and it did ! At RedHat, I learnt that localization is indeed a very challenging job and that there are job opportunities in this domain also. Only thing you need to have is the zeal of getting things working. Few days at Bharati and RedHat have written a lesson in the pages of my life. They teach me how to handle those circumstances in life when you are supposed to be at two places simultaneously.

For few days, I stayed at Marketyard. And guess how lucky I was. Shanky would pick me up for college and also drop at home in evening. Those days redefined the term ‘REST’ for me. PHP Camp was simply great. Symbi campus!!!

In mid Feb, I had gone to visit one of my friends at AISSMS and I guess I was carrying a bag of luck that day. Their tech-fest was going on and there was a Software Review Competition. I gave my review and bingo!!! it was selected as the best review and after some days I got an invitation for the Award Distribution Ceremony which was to be held in Hotel Pride. It was my first chance to visit Hotel Pride and what an evening it was! An evening which will stay in my memory forever. It is embossed with gold in my mind. I felt on the top of world to dine with the Chairmans of two corporations. They shared their experiences in  building their corporations and also suggested me some opportunities that I could purse after engg. Its after spending time with such great people you come to know that Success is the one word form of Hard Work, Confidence, Trust, Belief and Determination.  Thank you NASSCOM and Global Graphics Corp.

CoEP ACM Student Chapter Formation phase begun and again there was a shower of luck. I became the Secretary. It was a great feeling that I am a member of the Student Chapter which is first of its kind in the dept. Its activities will be initiated when Final year begins.

On similar lines of Bharati Vidyapeeth, I conducted some sessions of LDAP-Moodle at Government Polytechnic, Pune  and Pune Institute of Computer Technology[PICT]. Lab Admin Course was also conducted for the juniors. They were carried out well and as and when I conducted sessions, I think that each session went on teaching me how to explain stuff to your novice audience. I want to thank all the people out there for their co-operation and appreciation. A sincere and a very special thanks to Abhijit Sir. All this wouldn’t have  seen daylight if he were not there. Looking at him, I feel that yes, I can see someone whom I can emulate.

And yes, before I forget to mention, last year was the one which has given me many new acquaintances and friends. New people, new cultures, new behaviours, new likes, new dislikes, new adjustments, new joys and new sorrows ! Best friends have become more dearer. I find myself very fortunate that I have people, who have always been there for me. Thank god, they are with me. Amongst friends, if I were to list some names, then it would undoubtedly include:  Maddy, Shanky, Harsha, Ravi, Mihir, Sappu, Vipul, Aks.

And finally, in the last week, the results of the sixth semester are out and for the first time I could be a 9 pointer.[SGPA: 9.63] . All these things made me realize that the previous academic year was my luckiest. Ooh! this post will remain incomplete unless I mention about my dearest rings. 🙂 🙂

Just while thinking of these memories, my heart keeps on saying: “Those were the days…..” 😛 [People, there is humour in this stmt. which is a classroom  joke. 🙂 🙂 ] And I dont think that I need to convince myself anymore that, LUCK does exist !