The Psychologists’ Stories.

Recently happened to meet a psychologist from Mumbai. While having a talk with him, he told me following stories:

Story 1:
We all know the story of the hare and the tortoise. Just to have the blog post a complete article, I ll just recall the story in short.
A very common start……
Once upon a time, the hare and the tortoise decide to have a race. The race begins and the hare runs fast and reaches upto a certain point and looks behind for the tortoise. The tortoise being very slow, is left way behind. So the hare decides since it will take long time for the tortoise to reach his position, he ll take a nap and the restart later. But what happens is, the hare falls asleep and the tortoise reaches the finish line before the hare and wins the race.
It was the hares’ over-confidence that pulled him back.

Story 2:

The hare now realizes the above fact, and decides not to commit the same mistake again. Result, the hare starts off very fast, and is confident about his speed, and gradually reaches the finish line before the tortoise and wins the race.
It is the confidence of the hare that won him the race.

Story 3:

Now, since the scores are equal, the designers of the race decide to have one more race, and this time they change the track. Both the competitors are unaware about the change. Now, this time the race track passes through a pond. The hare starts off very fast and when he sees water, he gets confused. What to do now?? There is a hinderance in my path!!! The tortoise follows in a short while and swims through the pond very easily and this time again the tortoise wins the race.
The hare lost the race only because he didnt know how to deal with the obstacle in his path.

Story 4:

On the hares’ demand, there is one more race. This time the hare and the tortoise decide to co-operate. Initially the hare takes the tortoise on his back and runs fast to towards the pond. On reaching the pond, they swap their positions. Now, the tortoise takes the hare on his back, and swims through. Vice-versa repeats on land. And finally, both the hare and the tortoise win the race.
MORAL : Co-operation makes you win the race.

The psychologist just wanted to mention the fact, that come-what-may you have to be fast, steady, confident and co-operative to win the race of life. Dont let any Tom-Dick-Harry govern your life or ruin it. Your life is yours’ and its only you who need to strive to make it better.:-)



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