Oracle Error XXXX: Unique Constraint Violated

The other day, I was just thinking that which are the names and surnames that are most prominent in the list of my acquaintances. Running a ‘select’ clause on the table, the query returned me the following results:

Name : Pallavi :- There are more than 23 “Pallavi”‘s who are my friends. (Starting with my cousin). [And I guess mostly people in and around Pune/Maharashtra will have more or less the same result. Isn’t it ?]

Surname : Kulkarni :- People with this surname have always been kind and nice to me. Right from my Kulkarni professors to Kulkarni  best friends, they all have been so nice to me. Thank you all the Kulkarni’s.


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    Prashant Says:

    Is there any chance that you have a friend named Pallavi Kulkarni?

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