One more day of life has come to an end, but on a very sweet note. :-)

Today,13th Dec,’09, will be a memorable day. LDAP,the User-Authentication Project  that I was trying to complete since the month of May is now a success, and the whole credit is obviously to the legend called Abhijit Sir.

Morning – SP practical examination, which was ok, not too bad.

Afternoon- Abhijt Sir gave me the good news of the success of LDAP implementation in the department. I was so amused to hear this, that I was literally in heaven..Then  the only task left was of testing the client machines, which was carried on well…(Which will be continued 2mrw also.) I must say that Abhijit Sir is really a great person. It was only he, who could solve “those” password problems for LDAP Authentication. (I was trying to solve them for months 😦 )..And also, Swapnil Kulkarni’s contribution to the success is also worth mentioning. It was he, who boosted the tasks by spending sleepless nights for the Server installation. I take this as an opportunity to thank him. Hey Swapnil, this is a sincere thanks to you. Cheers, you rock dude….

And, the sweetest part of the day was, when  Abhijit Sir asked me, if I had my lunch. (obviously, I didnt had it till that time). On my reply, he offered to share his tiffin with me and also the box of  “Chivda”. The joy of sharing cant be replicated in words. Afterall, the person, whom I consider as my role model, is offering me his tiffin to share, what more treat do I want. I was continously thinking that how lucky I was, to be with him. My best friend says that I am lucky that I have those things that others dream about. Indeed, I agree with him considering the above incident. 🙂

In the evening, visited REFLECTIONS on the College of Engineering Grounds, and to my surprize liked most of the pictures there. And after visiting such kinds of exhibitions , we always start thinking that – ‘Aare yaar, kaash mera bhi ek photo yeha hota.’ Same was the case with me. Then we , (Sonali, Ajinkya and I) headed towards Dagdusheth Ganpati Mandir. I insisted to go there, coz, today morning suddenly I thought that, we always keep on asking things to God , but it is rare case that we go to thank him. Today, was ‘my thanks giving day’. On the way, we were discussing on my favourite topic-people, personalities, adjustments, marriage-love or arranged. And now, readers can judge that since Ajinkya was also in the conversation, it ought to be enthusiastic. It was good. The best part of the debate or conversation was that all three of us had our ‘personal’ opinion on these topics and we were ‘listening’ to others. This made me realize the obvious fact that we all know-to be a good speaker, you need to be a good listener.

The also showed me that, how selfish people can be! They speak with you in a very proper manner till their job is done, and after that they dont even have the courtesy to say thank you, on the contrary, they even refuse to recognize you X-( Common people , just a word of appreciation now, will obviously make me feel better and I may serve you more better than I did this time . !!! And one more thing, people, if you are taking others belongings, atleast have some sense of responsibility to return them. I am saying anything wrong?

Anyways, finally came home a bit frustated, coz of transportation problems,  but their effect was nullified just by thinking of the whole day.

@all whom I met today, Thank you, people for making my day.



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    shashank Says:

    Ashwin I bet you’ll be the person you see in Abhijit Sir..and with due respect to sir..I personally think you’d be a little more fine a are one of those people about whom we say ‘Winners don’t do different things,They do things differently’…i bet everyone’ll agree. All the best..keep smiling!

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