How do people have such great faith?

Recently had gone to Aurangabad for a vacation. On the very first day, we had planned to go to the Daulatabad Fort. Walking and trekking uphill and that too at 12 noon with the sun shining bright, had made us tired. We had already admired the scenic beauty of the fort and the intellectual prowess of its masters, and had no energy left to admire anything more on the fort. But we didnt knew, that the fort had more with it, that was not revealed to us till then. Almost everything there had a design whose design expertise remains unmatched till date.

Trodding, we came near a Ganesh temple,  that was pretty far to be noticed from the main path. There we met a lady, who greeted us like no one had done before in the city. We were wondering why is this lady here? why is she sitting alone in the temple with no one around. Our curiosity found its way, and we asked her about it. The explanation given by her, was indeed heart-touching. She said, that she belonged to  the village that was near the fort and that she came to the temple everyday, irrespective of the any season in the year. There she performs pooja of the lord. On asking her, how does she come to the hill-top everyday, she replied, that her faith isn’t bounded by any adhoc excuse. She really was making an attempt to end the ‘tyranny of geography’ between her and her immortal faith.

Ironically, we were ashamed of ourselves, that we being youngsters were tired of trekking and an old lady used to walk for miles the same distance! Indeed, she was successful in teaching me that your faith and trust must not be dependent on any physical or geographical thing. That day, I understood the real meaning of the phrase , ” It has to come from within!!! “. Below is the photograph of that lady, who will remain unforgettable!The old lady


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    Prashant Says:

    we surely need to learn from that old lady ……………..
    the dedication, faith of hers is simply unbelievable…………

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