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A smidgen of lines from the song from Lagaan

July 9, 2009
My Heart, It Speaks A Thousand Words
I Feel Eternal Bliss
The Roses Pout Their Scarlet Mouths
Like Offering A Kiss
No Drop Of Rain, No Glowing Flame
Has Ever Been So Pure
If Being in love Can Feel Like This
Then I' m In Love For Sure

Books also want to celebrate their birthdays

July 9, 2009

Today(09th July) morning was on chatting on phone with Ravindra, and suddenly he asked me about some Java stuff. We never discuss on such topics but today suddenly he asked me it. Then to supplement our discussion, we had HERBERT SCHILDT. And just turning through its pages, I came across the bill of that book. The bill was dated 09th July, ’07. Obviously, I didnt notice the coincidence but Ravindra did. He brought to my notice that today is the birthday of the book. Dont know why, but I was too happy to know this coincidence. I had hardly touched that book since my last course on Java, but today the book itself wanted to celebrate its birthday…Isnt it!!!