Life with a rewind button

If God asks me what do you want from me, i will surely ask  him to give me 25 hours day and a REWIND BUTTON in life, so that i could re-live all the moments in my childhood. This idea prompted me yesterday, when i had been to Sarasbaug, a place where i used to enjoy the most when i was a kid. Really I have many memories associated with that place. The best place there was the fountain at the entrance, it was really superb. I always used to enjoy standing there, looking down at the falling and flowing water and feel as if i was on the Titanic.

And conincidently, one of my best friends had given me a Titanic fact book in last week, and after reading it i was desparate to go to Sarasbaug and re-live the moments that I used to enjoy in my childhood. And since yesterday had ample time after college hours, had gone there after almost 5 years. Unfortunately, yesterday, I couldnt spread out my arms and feel that joy again, coz, now the water doesnt fall and flow anymore. Rather the fountain place there remains, just a memory to me and lakhs of other people, who used to enjoy it. And one more thing, if it existed now, it would seem awkward to enjoy it with arms spread, coz now if we do such things there, people around might think why is this guy doing such crap things here (in front of the temple)!!!  Why did we grow up 😦

People, just imagine, life having a rewind button. We could hardly spot anyone who wont like this. Who on this earth doesnt wanted to re-live his childhood? Imagine, we enjoying the same moments again;  the same innocence, the same stupidness, the same bicycle, the same wounds and the same fights over lame reasons.

Ironically, we are ‘grown up’ and ‘mature’ now. Now, bicycles have turned to bikes, fights to deadly competitions, and innocence to ????….

We now are busy in building our careers, but I think that having a glance at the past can always be rejoicing. Then we realise that, wounded knees were better than broken hearts!


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