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My Projects

June 24, 2009

This article contains most of the Presentations, Seminars and Projects I have worked on. I have also tried to assist this article by uploading almost all the material that I had of that event.

For Projects, the Source Code present in a PDF Format as my blog host doesnt allow me to upload Zipped Archives.

Seminar : Blue Eyes Technology

Place : Government Polytechnic, Pune

Date : 6th October, 2007



Seminar : Virtual Car Showroom

Place : College of Engineering, Pune

CG Project Proposal
Virtual Car Showcase_Project Status

JDBC-ODBC Driver Connectivity

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Java Mail


Connection of Oracle 10g Express Edition Database and Java

Connecting Oracle 10g Express Edition Database to Java

Connection of MySQL and Java on Linux Platform

Linux Platform : Ubuntu

MySQL Connector Version  : mysql-connector-java-5.1.10.tar.gz

Project : Hiding in Plain Sight – A Steganography Tool

Place : College of Engineering, Pune

Date : 25th April, 2010

Part (A) : Seminar – The Hidden Realm of Steganography

Seminar Presentation

Seminar Report

Part (B) : Project Report  – Hiding in Plain Sight – A Steganography Tool

Project Details: Platform – Windows/ GNU Linux

Programming Language : Java

IDE – Netbeans 6.7.1

Project Presentation

Project Report

Project : Hospitalization Records – Characterization of Pandemic Spread.

As an entry in IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology[VAST] Challenge, VisWeek 2010, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Source Code


Removing a non-empty directory in Linux

June 23, 2009

Might sound lame..But this was one of the major problem that I used to face when I started using Linux. Whenever we want to remove a directory from the directory tree, we go to the parent directory of the directory which we want to delete. But if the directory is non-empty, then despitelogging as a superuser, we cant remove the directory. And this annoys novice users.

rmdir too doesnt come for the aid

There is a quick solution to this, which novice users (atleast me at that time) never think of !!

Use :

rm -rf <directory_path>

-r : remove recursively

-f : forcibly

Creative Commons License
Removing a non-empty directory in Linux by Ashwin Tumma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 India License.


June 22, 2009

Recently was organizing my cupboard and found two articles that I have been preserving from 10th grade. I really don’t know why I preserve these, but I guess its because they were given as an assignment by our best English teacher and the topics of the articles were weird & rarely we used to write articles on them.
Here they are :


Problem Statement : Your friend has lost his father. Write a letter of condolence to him.

(3 lines)
Date :

Dear XYZ,
It was a real sorrow when the news of your dear father’s sad and untimely demise fell on my ears this morning. What a cruel blow!
The fall of the pillar of your family has profoundly stumped me. I didn’t discover, in his sight, last Monday, that his end was so near. After all, all good things come to an end. Your father had intense faith in the almighty and this act if the almighty is very hard to be appreciated. It is difficult to accept the fact that he is no more with us. My sincere and heartfelt sympathy is with you in your loss. But the loss is irrepairable and you must accept that ‘which cannot be cured must be endured’. I feel it as a personal loss to me, for the happy go lucky person was generous to me. Whenever I used to seek his advice he would invariably assist me. His death must have been a terrible grief to your mother. Now she must be a mere puppet in the hands of destiny. Please assure her my condolence. But now, it is your responsibility to give succor to your family being the only male member.
I don’t have the heart to write more. I know that words are poor comforters. After all, ‘the heart knoweth its own sorrow’ and in such genres of sorrow we are always alone. But conquering our bouts of depression is the only way to give peace to his soul. Let his soul rest in heaven.
In pain with you.

Your’s truly,

Article 2 : ESSAY WRITING ( 8 marks essay)

Topic – English : In the 21st Century

The common bond under which the whole world is bonded together, on linguistic basis is undoubtedly  the ‘English’ language. The origin of the language is dated back to the 5th century. And after a period of almost  16 centuries, this vibrant language has acquired a very popular stature throughout the globe.
The vocabulary of the language (aah! we could hardly imagine that we could ever personify the English language) then was only of 1600 words and the present world has 8 lakh and 23 thousand words in its Thesaurus. The personality acknowledged as the greatest dramatist of all time, William Shakesspeare, had only 1600 words for the construction of his talent. The great poets like John Milton, William Wordsworth and Alexander Dumas have given their immortal contributions in this worldly language.
Today, in the 21st century, over 300 million people speak English and statistical figures say that 100 million people have it as their official language. Also, the state of Nagaland in India recognizes English as its official language.
After its  origin, initially the language was only spoken in European and American countries. But later, scripts were developed and were transmitted to various parts in writing. It is the only language in the world having two scripts – the CAPITAL and the small.
Computers dominate this century. Computers all over the world almost have only English scripts and  its dialects. Transfusion of thoughts and ideas of the people of different countries takes place only through English. The world trade is also dominated by English. Thus the language is spreading its wide arms and its influence in all facets of all walks of life.

Try, try till you succeed…

June 17, 2009

This line reminds me of only one person — Harshavardhan Nawathe.

In sixth grade, I had won a essay competition at Symbiosis.  For the felicitation ceremony, the chief guests were Mr. T.N. Sheshan, (Election Commissioner of India) and Mr. Harshavardhan Nawathe. I was a great fan of KBC and Harshavardhan,  so wanted to meet him sometime. I remember there was KBC for kids also, and I always wanted to go there !!

After the ceremony, he was standing alone besides his car, i guess was waiting for someone. I knew that I wont get such a nice oppurtunity other than this to talk to him. Went near him, and to my astonishment, he himself initiated the communication by congratulating me. Then I also congratulated him for his outstanding victory and he himself was enquiring that from which school I was from and which grade and so on.

Since, I had seen the episode of his victory on television, I always wished to ask him one question – that how does it feel after winning ? And the answer that he gave me was such that it made me a lifelong fan of him. Being a kid, I didnt get the words that he was speaking but I understood its meaning, it meant that, you should never be overjoyed by success or disheartened by failure. Hats off to his modesty !!! Later, I also told him that I kept on calling KBC center, but never got a confirmation call saying that I have been selected for the next round. On it he said – “Kid, even I had tried for hundreds of times! Keep on trying, one day they will respond.”. KBC is over now but what he told me was immortal. I couldnt enter in the next rounds of KBC but atleast from that day I realized that we shall always keep trying; there will be a day when we will be successful !

Key to Success

Key to Success

Life with a rewind button

June 16, 2009

If God asks me what do you want from me, i will surely ask  him to give me 25 hours day and a REWIND BUTTON in life, so that i could re-live all the moments in my childhood. This idea prompted me yesterday, when i had been to Sarasbaug, a place where i used to enjoy the most when i was a kid. Really I have many memories associated with that place. The best place there was the fountain at the entrance, it was really superb. I always used to enjoy standing there, looking down at the falling and flowing water and feel as if i was on the Titanic.

And conincidently, one of my best friends had given me a Titanic fact book in last week, and after reading it i was desparate to go to Sarasbaug and re-live the moments that I used to enjoy in my childhood. And since yesterday had ample time after college hours, had gone there after almost 5 years. Unfortunately, yesterday, I couldnt spread out my arms and feel that joy again, coz, now the water doesnt fall and flow anymore. Rather the fountain place there remains, just a memory to me and lakhs of other people, who used to enjoy it. And one more thing, if it existed now, it would seem awkward to enjoy it with arms spread, coz now if we do such things there, people around might think why is this guy doing such crap things here (in front of the temple)!!!  Why did we grow up 😦

People, just imagine, life having a rewind button. We could hardly spot anyone who wont like this. Who on this earth doesnt wanted to re-live his childhood? Imagine, we enjoying the same moments again;  the same innocence, the same stupidness, the same bicycle, the same wounds and the same fights over lame reasons.

Ironically, we are ‘grown up’ and ‘mature’ now. Now, bicycles have turned to bikes, fights to deadly competitions, and innocence to ????….

We now are busy in building our careers, but I think that having a glance at the past can always be rejoicing. Then we realise that, wounded knees were better than broken hearts!