Printer Problem

There was an error that I was getting for my HP 1015 Laserjet Printer. It was giving an error whose major cause was Spooling that happens for the Printers. The error meant that we have encountered a Spooler Error and then used to ask to send information to Microsoft.

So as to rectify it, I decided to uninstall the Printer from the system and then again Reinstall it, so that everything comes back to its previous position. But these Spooler Errors are such that they didnt even allow me to Uninstall the Printer. As a last option i decided to format my machine, and reinstall all the stuff again which is a very tedious task.I was in search of a very quick and feasible solution.

So after assidious endeavour, I finally found a solution,and that was that, in the past, I had tried to print some type of files that werent printable and there they caused the Spooler to crash down. A solution to this was to delete all the .shd files from the Printer’s directory and to stop the Spooler by the command ‘net stop spooler’.  Then immediately after deleting all the .shd files from the printers directory,I got my printer working and moreover it gave me the joy that atleast I could find a solution to the problem,for which I was restless since many days.



  1. 1
    Ravindra Says:

    Nice start to your blog world dude…..
    keep up the good work…

  2. 2
    Neha Says:

    hey really nice one….u cd find a solution to the problem….good work…..

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