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August 19, 2008

GPP Magazine 2008 : Industrial Psychology Article :

This is an article that was supposed to be a feedback for the Course that we had undergone in the college. Our Professor had asked me to write it down, so that people understand that what actually is Industrial Psychology and also the major motive of it was to promote this course, so that students elect it as the second Non-Credit Course as Industrial Psychology, with Economics and Humanities in its race. And moreover, this article reflects what I had personally felt about the course, it was truly a Personal Opinion !

Here follows the Article :

Industrial Psychology : Transcending the Philosophy of a Non-Credit Course

Out of all the ‘non-credit’ courses conducted in our institute Industrial Psychology is really one of the vivid and lively course. It was just a course of 12 days but will surely be in our memories for lifetime. We all (I and my batchmates) were blessed by a very dynamic and kind person as our professor of psychology – Dr. A. G. Kulkarni. All my attempts to find appropriate adjectives for him will prove futile if I were to describe him in just words.

On the very first day of the course we were acquainted by the ‘pro-active’ nature and nature of the class. Sir’s way to handle students was really very different. He always had an attitude of understanding student’s psychology and treating them respectively. Indeed it was a student – oriented approach. We students were given full liberty, throughout. The class would always be humourous and interactive. We were given an opportunity to come forward and disclose our talents. Sir always told us that one should never decline opputunities by bringing any imaginary reason or an adhoc excuse for its exsape. Rather, he tought us that small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements. According to me, the most important fact that I learnt there was in regard to anger. We were taught that one should always control one’s anger and express them at the right time and at the right place only ! We were given incentives of gifts and prizes to achieve consistency in our performances. Every new topic was explained by a simple demonstration in front of us, that made it intact in our brains the lectures were also accompanied by audio interactivity.
Really before joining the course our minds were in a medley of fustrations, tensions and confusions, But those 12 days taught us to utilize our mental faculty to the hilt, just compartmentalize our daily chores and mitigate our predicaments. Had not we trodden this path, we wouldnt have learn’t how to overcome the numerous encumbrances and lots of depressions in our life (atleast mentally !).
Today, its months that we have bid farewell to that class, but still we are in touch with our sir and vice versa. He was successful in incalculating the fact that you should always collect and respect more and more people, this is the real wealth,pride and honour that you can ever achieve, I sincerely believe that the above thought is worth for a lifetime, and I thank sir for it and also for dispelling most of the confusions in mind of an unobrtrusive student like me ! I think he is a -perfect sculptor.
Undoubtedly, Industrial Psychology is definitely a platform that teaches the students to shun the thought of incapbility and then channelize their stagnant and slumbering energies with full zest to achieve their goals. It also teaches that it isn’t just physical ability and average intelligence that makes a person successful but its an insatiable appetite for success and an unflagging will power that renders you place an the golden crown !

Ashwin Tumma
Third Year Diploma in Computer Engg.


Sending Mail from a Java Application

August 19, 2008

I started striving for this from i guess, July 2007 and a mail got sent on 23rd May, 2008.  That day is still vivid in my memories, when my joy knew no bounds when i got my first JavaMail sent.

Sending Mail from a Java Application was my dream since i learnt a abit of Networking in JSP and some trivial concepts of Computer Networking.  I had started reading lots n lots of material available on the net, but i only used to get the program codes for it, there was no explanation given anywhere so as to what are the settings to be done on your machine to achieve the goal.

Suddenly one day, i came accross a site that had a bit of more information than others. It told me to add 2 .jar files to my classpath directory, viz. mail.jar, activation.jar ;

After adding these files, my code got running but now the question was what shall be the SMTP Protocol to be used and How???

I had decided to use my gmail account for the whole application, so i was in hunt of what is the name of the Mail Server that Gmail has. I got this easily because i had configured Outlook Express and there they need all these things to be configured. So i got the name of the Server that was going to serve my purpose and that was “” with the listening  port number as 465.

That was all that needed to be done to send a mail. And this took me almost 8 months to accomplish it, but it was an “Achievement” for me. When you keep on trying things for months, and later when you accomplish them, obviously you are going to regard them as “Achievements”. All genious people reading this might think that just for a simple application, why did he take so long and why is he exaggerating it by calling it an Achievement and so on, but believe me people, working out small things was really difficult, which taught me PATIENCE and moreover it quenched my thirst of sending a mail.